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Aerial Imaging & Topographic Land Surveys


"Difficult takes a day, impossible takes two."






Land Surveys

Clear Vision Imaging provide aerial photography services for land surveys, project planning and development throughout the UK.

Utilising the latest developments in Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) we are able to conduct close proximity aerial data collection for a variety of purposes.

With advanced data capture techniques we can produce land surveys to an accuracy of 10-30mm, Digital Elevation Models, 3-D point clouds for the AutoDesk suite (such as AutoCad) as well as a wide range of other applications.

By coupling ground breaking advances in RPAS technology with comparable advances in data processing technology we are able to survey areas quickly, accurately and effectively. Thus streamlining your work-flow, reducing both costs and time required to develop and update your project site plans.





Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

"The exponential expansion in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, is transforming the way a wide range of industry sectors conduct their business, none more so than the survey community."

RICS "Land Journal" Oct/Nov 2015

The Survey Association

"As a rule of thumb the precision (or relative accuracy) of the SUA [RPAS] survey after processing is known to be within the order of 1-2 pixels in plan and 2-3 pixels in height."

TSA "Client Guide to Small Unmanned Aircraft Surveys" 2015


















Benefits of Aerial Surveys

As RPAS/SUA technology advances so do the benefits of its application in various industries.

In general any project that requires a 3-D set of data can benefit greatly from the speed and efficiency that RPAS aerial surveys offer.

Examples include:

  • Topographic surveying
  • Infrastructure modelling
  • Asset inventory
  • 2D and 3D vector mapping
  • Visualisation/animation
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Forest monitoring
  • Flood plain surveys
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Survey reconnaissance
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Site change detection



Livestream for Video Conferences

RPAS/SUA deployments can also assist in managing progress meetings for clients and help to reduce a project's carbon footprint.

Instead of having multiple stakeholders visit a site to conduct an inspection RPAS surveys offer the ability to Livestream a virtual site tour. Participants can view the live feed from the RPAS camera as it inspects key areas of the site.

At request the RPAS can also inspect a specific feature or area during the Livestream event enabling a highly interactive remote tour of the site.

In addition to saving travel time and costs it can also enable a much closer inspection of dangerous areas of sites than would otherwise be possible within the Site Management Plan.

HD Video footage can also be edited to create a virtual tour of the site to assist with client progress meetings. These can be especially useful in providing clients with a Pre-Tour of the site ahead of a physical visit.


Aerial Photography

In addition to survey and Livestream capabilities our RPAS systems offer professional grade aerial photography.

Improve the chances of your project press releases being published and help to present your work in a unique, eye-catching way.
















Safety & Compliance

Clear Vision are stakeholders in the emerging RPAS industry and as such we operate to the latest industry standards and recommendations.

All flights are conducted in accordance with method statements and risk assessments that have been thoroughly vetted and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Should the worst happen we also carry commercial RPAS/SUA insurance to the value of £2,000,000.

All flights are fully pre-planned taking into account site variances, local air traffic regulations, and specific environmental factors to reduce and manage any foreseeable risks.

In addition we also adhere to The Survey Association's Client Guide to Small Unmanned Aircraft Surveys.



Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the UK's specialist aviation regulator and has authority over all commercial RPAS operations.

It is illegal to operate any RPAS/SUA in the UK for commercial consideration without holding permission from the CAA.

Clear Vision hold a current CAA Permission for Aerial Work with RPAS/SUA in the UK.

Our pilots also hold current RPQ-S qualifications for operating RPAS/SUA and maintain flight currency records demonstrating their ongoing competency to operate.

















When undertaking an aerial survey of a site we can provide accurate results based on 2 different criteria - relative accuracy and absolute accuracy.

Relative Accuracy

This refers to the accuracy between 2 points on a survey, for instance the distance between one point on a riverbank and another point on a pathway.

In general the relative accuracy of aerial surveys is between 10 - 30mm which is comparable with other ground based survey grade systems.

Absolute Accuracy

This refers to the accuracy between one point on the survey map and its true position on the Earth.

The absolute accuracy of aerial surveys is also between 10 - 30mm which is achieved by calibrating the initial results of the survey with ground based GNSS RTK systems.




Costs for aerial surveys vary depending on the type of accuracy that's required and the availability of on site GNSS RTK operators and equipment.

Our base price covers UK Nationwide aerial surveys based on the site size, its location, and whether any special permits are required from the CAA to operate in the airspace above the site.

All these surveys include point cloud generation for AutoDesk and any other outputs required such as Digital Surface Models. These surveys are based on relative accuracy.

If you require a survey with absolute accuracy there are additional costs for the GNSS RTK measurements and calibrations.

However if you have your own staff on site who take the GNSS RTK measurements of the points we specify this can significantly reduce the additional costs for absolute accuracy.

Contact us today to find out more details about our aerial survey service and get a quote for your site.